Saturday, July 09, 2005


Mountains near the entrance to Yellowstone

A big day. I feel like I cheated, driving around all day, but I wanted to get a feel of the park, then choose a section to hike in tomorrow.

It's funny, though, even though I just drove around, doing the tourist "stop and shoot" technique Yellowstone seems to be famous for, I feel more satisfied in what I did today than anything in a long time.

I guess camping has a lot to do with it - there's a lot more to handle just to get your tent set up, make every meal, and pack up so that the bears don't come and attack your campsite (although, unlike Yosemite, you are allowed to keep your food in your car - thought that was a little strange).
Indian Creek, first Yellowstone camp.

I think also, though, it is the constantly changing scenery in Yellowstone - in one day, you are able to experience a huge variety of ecosystems, from alpine meadows to hydrothermal "wastelands" (I realize there is a great deal of life in these areas, but they look dead to me).
Thermal "wasteland"

I saw bison, elk and deer - though no predators so far, and no otters...

In case you've been wondering what I've been eating (and I know you have...), here's a sample. I'll have more pictures later - I need to keep moving so I can get a campsite tonight. (I'm actually posting this Mon. the 11th, on my way to Colorado).

Some weird vegetable/lentil/nori mix. Good, though

Beer and hot dogs. Can't do better

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Evan said...

Wow. We'll have to find you a good spot in Kansas to camp to compare to this craziness. Rest assured, we have beer and hot dogs in KS!