Thursday, January 19, 2006

Happy New Year (Belated) - 明けましておめでとうございます

I've been hibernating. Except, unlike hibernating bears, I've been gaining weight. Ah, well. There's still hope I'll get rid of this unsightly bulge.

The job search is still not going very well, I'm a bit frustrated. I've given in and applied to three of the larger schools in Japan, and I've already heard back from one, so I think there's a good chance I'll be able to get back to Japan by April; but I continue to be reluctant to teach English. But if I can only get to Japan by teaching English, teach English I shall!

I guess that's it. I don't if anyone is reading much anymore, but I thought I'd put something in here. I may be going to Toronto in February for English teaching interviews, so I will have something to put up then, if no earlier.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Format change

I've decided to make a couple of changes so that I'll continue to write in this blog.

First, as I've suspended my travels for a little while, and as I see daily many of the American subscribers ;) of my blog, I'm going to focus less on where I am and more on literature and culture. I'm doing a lot of reading, both of books and internet websites, and I often feel the urge to write about them. Hopefully you'll find them interesting (if anyone is still reading!)

Second, I'm going to attempt to write the blogs both in English and Japanese. It'll be good practice and, since I have a Japanese audience now as well, I want to include them more fully (most can read English, but they might prefer to read in Japanese). So if the second part of each article looks like a bunch of gibberish, sorry. Your system doesn't support Japanese characters.