Monday, October 24, 2005


Beginning to feel the pressure a little bit. Naively, I thought I could easily get a job here based on the fact that I know some Japanese, but I'm beginning to realize that has very little to do with it. More important, perhaps, is what skills I have, and unfortunately, the only proven skills I have are related to computers, work I absolutely will not do. I do believe I have something to offer, I'm just not sure what yet.

I have heard many times that networking is important, and I know from experience it is true. I think maybe 95% of the jobs I've gotten have been through friends. But how to build a network in a country where I can barely speak and that is notorious for avoiding strangers? If the stupid American government would reciprocate a working holiday agreement (where you can work for six months or more - Canada, Australia, and many other countries do it), I could do part-time crap jobs while I built a network. But no. Honestly, I'm very angry at arrogant and unilateral policies in the US, especially when they keep me from getting a job... As it is, I either have to accept a job in Japan sight unseen - the most you see before you find out whether you got the job is a few days while interviewing, during which time the employer can put on a pretty face - or come to the country, as I have done, on a tourist non-visa under the terms of which it is basically illegal to even look for a job. I'm not here to work for less than a Japanese national, and I'm not here to work in the sex industry - I really just want to work, and have higher aspirations to bring together the cultures of Japan and the US than your average fresh-out-of-school American youngster.

I shouldn't whine like this, it is unbecoming, but I feel helpless. I suppose I'd have a hard time finding a job in the US, too, but at least I could work at Starbucks or something while I look for something better. Like every other humanities graduate...

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